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Haunted Texas: Camp Lulu Sams

Haunted Texas: Camp Lulu Sams

Brownsville, Texas

Just outside Brownsville sits the abandoned site of an old girls camp.

Camp Lulu Sams had always been a beloved summer retreat for children, nestled deep in the woods with cabins, a lake, and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. But rumors of strange occurrences began to circulate amongst the counselors and campers. They whispered of unexplained footsteps, ghostly apparitions, and eerie howls echoing through the night.

As the weeks passed, the hauntings grew more frequent and intense, causing the staff to fear for the safety of the children. Finally, they decided to close the camp early and investigate the paranormal activity. What they found was a tragic history of a young girl who had drowned in the lake years before. Her restless spirit had been seeking vengeance, but with the discovery of her tragic fate, the ghostly occurrences finally ceased, and the camp was able to reopen the following year, with renewed respect for the spirits that may dwell in the woods.

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