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National Museum of Funeral History

The National Museum of Funeral History houses the largest collection of funeral artifacts in the U.S.

The National Museum of Funeral History traces the history of funeral services, displays historic hearses and provides memorabilia from funerals of the famous such as Michael Jackson and JFK.

Initially, it was believed the Museum’s target audience would primarily consist of persons engaged in death care professions, such as funeral directors, embalmers, and cemeterians, as well as providing historical base

and a sustaining element of professional pride for instructors and students of Commonwealth.

As the Museum evolved, the national museum of Funeral History’s mission broadened to encompass public education-in effect, bringing the mysterious and frequently taboo topic of death into accessible, non-threatening, and non-macabre setting for kindergarten students through senior citizens.

Currently, the Museum is in its fifth development evolution since inception eighteen years ago-that of expanding acquisitions and exhibits to encompass a comprehensive multicultural and multinational offering to better serve its heterogeneous constituency.


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