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Burger Libre in La Porte, Texas

I dropped by Burger Libre for lunch today!

It’s not everyday that I’m blown away from trying out a new burger but today was one of those days!

Burger Libre is a one of a kind restaurant in the La Porte Area that has a colorful Mexican wrestler theme and décor.

I tried the Double Trouble which consists of two double meat patties and alot of cheese.......about 9 napkins worth and in my opinion that’s a GREAT thing!

Burger Libre grinds their own meat and pounds it to perfection. The burger was super juicy and was seasoned well and had a back yard grilled taste. My burger was accompanied with some crispy tater tots and I added a fried taco that was delicious

If you are in the La Porte Area and you are looking to have a great burger, served by some really friendly staff, then you need to stop by Burger Libre.


9709 Spencer Hwy C,

La Porte, TX 77571

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