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Hueco Tanks State Park

For thousands of years, people have trekked to these rock hills in far west Texas. In earlier times, they came for the rainwater pooled in natural rock basins, orhuecos(“whey-coes”). Visitors today marvel at the imagery left by those ancient people.

Photo Credit: Texas Travel
Photo Credit: Texas Travel

At Hueco Tanks, you can hike, rock climb, bird watch, study nature and history, picnic and stargaze. Visitors can take guided and self-guided tours to view rock imagery.

About 32 miles east of El Paso lies an invitation and a challenge, Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site. An 860-acre mass of rock and basins, Hueco Tanks dominates the desert skyline.

Bouldering, a style of low-altitude climbing that goes without ropes and harnesses, is incredibly popular at Hueco Tanks. The park is considered one of the sport’s main climbing hubs, attracting hundreds of visitors during peak season from October to March. Hikes range from VO, the least challenging, to V16, the most difficult. In fact, the ‘V’ scale of grading was born at Hueco by climbing expert John Sherman.

Hueco Tanks allows 70 daily visitors to its North Mountain, and the remaining areas are available exclusively via tour guide. Visitors to Hueco Tanks can camp in the great outdoors or stay at Hueco Rock Ranch, a gorgeous house owned by the American Alpine Club that rents space to climbers.

Photo Credit: Texas Travel

6900 Hueco Tanks Road No. 1

El Paso, TX 79938

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