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Riding the Wave of Success

The Texas Rise Surf Company is a surf shop located In Texas City. 

Its founder Matt Wyatt is a native of Texas City and began surfing at the age of twelve in the Gulf of Mexico.   Matt wanted to open his surf shop in Texas City to  give back to his hometown through his art.  When he is not making surf boards, he is busy serving the community as a professional Fire Fighter.   It has become quite a balancing act but he makes it work.  

Matt  produced his first surfboard at seventeen, although in his words “it was terrible and then I tried again at 23.” With more experience, he was able to hone his craft to make quality surfboards.  His partner Kerry Pitts, also referred to as “KP”, provides the glazing which provides the protective coating on each surfboard.


Matt’s wife told him when he started this business that he should produce “Surfboards like they are works of art that could hang on your wall even.”  Matt hopes his boards become heirloom pieces, something a parent hands down to their children.  The company also supplies everything needed to build your own surfboard.  They can even provide materials and assistance to make building surfboard a family project.  The company also repairs surfboards that have been damaged from wear and tear out on the waves.  

The Surfboards they produce are truly works of art and a labor of love. Matt demonstrated some of the craftsmanship required, and it is apparent that they make a great team and produce an exceptional product.

In 2003, Matt began producing skateboards, naming his first the “Root Down Skateboard.” There have been many different variations since.  He keeps one of each edition and hopes to display them in an artistic way in the future.  

Currently located in the League City Business District, Matt hopes to continue producing these valuable works of art for many to enjoy.  Matt states that their “goals are to stand together, to help each other, to build a Gulf Coast surf culture.”

1201 6th Street North

Texas City, TX 77590

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