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The Bandera Natural History Museum

The Bandera Natural History Museum occupies a 14,000 square foot building on 8-acres of Hill Country land.

The museum originally opened in 2011 as the Bandera Exotic Wildlife Museum, but with expansion in 2016, changed its name to better reflect the current mission of exposing visitors to the natural beauty of the world through exhibits, education and events.

Exhibits at the museum include the museum’s icon, a 17-foot tall giraffe.

Also on display is a 2,000 pound jade tiger, and mounted tigers, leopards, grizzly bear and kangaroo. Outside the museum are several sculptures of life-sized dinosaurs, surrounded by four different play stations where children can dig for fossils.

The museum’s “Sensory Safari” is a special exhibit for sight-challenged guests that allows for the experience of the animals through touch and sound. A gift shop, café and patio with snack machines are all available on site.

Bandera Natural History Museum

267 Old San Antonio Rd,

Bandera, TX 78003

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