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The Great Texas Longhorn Review at Astroworld

The Great Texas Longhorn Review at Astroworld was a computer programmed, wholly automated Musical Revue featuring an eclectic group of Prairie Animal Performers.

In 1982 Astroworld debuted the “Great Texas Longhorn Revue” at the newly refurbished Cow Palace. The attraction was the brainchild of Gary Goddard and Tony Christopher of Goddard Productions.

Here is AstroWorld, The Great Texas Longhorn Review's full show soundtrack from 1982 .

Gary and Tony were tasked with bringing the same type of animatronics being used at Disney theme parks to Astroworld.

The goal was a show that would appeal to the whole family. Using their location in Houston, Texas as inspiration, Gary and Tony decided to make the show western themed with a cast of animatronic animals.

The result was what many of us fondly remember as the “Great Texas Longhorn Revue”.

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