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The Haunted Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin

The historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin is reported to be the home to many ghosts.

Photo Credit: Chad Lawson

Photo Credit: Chad Lawson

Some staff members refuse to be alone in the theatre at night. The spirit of a projectionist is said to haunt the building, sometimes causing equipment to stop working - unless you leave them a gift of chocolate.

A pianist visiting The Paramount Theatre in Austin on Sunday snapped a photo of an eerie woman floating in the mezzanine.

Photo Credit: Chad Lawson

His chilling discovery was that of a figure which appears as if it’s a woman floating in what would have been an empty stairwell of the equally empty venue.

Many believe she is the spirit of a Civil War era wife or a mother mourning the loss of her child.

713 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

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