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Third Coast Feast Weeks is coming to Houston’s Bay Area!

Join the Gulf Coast community for the first Third Coast Feast Weeks, 13-29 September 2019. ​

What is restaurant week?!

It’s two weeks where restaurants that sign up to participate will be highlighted and promoted!

The restaurant, coffee shop, deli, bakery, or eatery will have a special menu or offer available for the public during the restaurant weeks!

Here is how it works: 

Each restaurant that chooses to participate will need to offer a specialized menu or meal deal at a discounted price during the feast weeks.  This will be advertised on the website and social media postings. 

The menu or meal deal should highlight your restaurant story!

​Proceeds from Third Coast Feast Weeks will benefit Chef's Table Charities, a local non-profit organization.

Texas Chronicles: History, Mystery and Adventure, Bay Area Houston Food Lovers and Chef's Table Charities have partnered to feature participating restaurants  from Houston's Bay Area to Galveston. 

Restaurant Sign Up.

Come join us at the table!

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